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About Destination


Day 1: Arrival to Sarajevo city, Grand Sarajevo Tour
Day 2: 1984. Olympic Sarajevo Tour, Spring of river Bosna tour
Day 3: Konjic and Jablanica city, Mostar city,Spring of river Buna, town Pocitelj, Kravice waterfall
Day 4: Prokosko lake tour
Day 5: City of Travnik Tour, ride to mountain Vlasic
Day 6: Mountain Vlasic
Day 7: Mountain Vlasic
Day 8: Ride to city of Bihac, City of Jajce tour
Day 9: City of Bihac tour, Martin brod tour, Strbacki buk waterfall tour, River doc restaurant
Day 10: Japodski otoci tour, Kostelski buk restaurant, Ostrozac castle tour
Day 11: Ride to city of Sarajevo, Pliva lakes tour
Day 12: Sarajevo ZOO, Shopping in Sarajevo, Departure


DAY 1: Arrival to Sarajevo city, Grand Sarajevo Tour

Pick up at the Sarajevo International Airport and drop off at your accommodation. After that, we will take you for the Sarajevo Grand city tour. Meet the lively and turbulent history of the Sarajevo city, learn about the cultural traditions, society and get a close-up look at the rich architecture. Discover the old town Bascarsija. Ride with Sarajevo Cable car, and expirience the nine-minute, 2km gondola ride over the city of Sarajevo and arrive on Trebević’s plateau. Rest at the Sunnyland – a unique amusement park for children and adults. Go for the Religious buildings in Sarajevo tour. We will visit: Sacred Heart Cathedral (one of the Sarajevo’s most recognisable landmark and the largest cathedral in the country), Ali Pasa Mosque, Emperor’s Mosque (oldest in the city), Ashkenazi Synagogue (the main synagogue), Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Sleepover in Sarajevo.

DAY 2: 1984. Olympic Sarajevo Adventure tour, Spring of river Bosna tour

The Olympic mountains of Sarajevo; Bjelasnica, Trebevic, Igman, and Jahorina gained worldwide popularity after the 1984 Olympics as some of the best skiing spots in the world. We will visit: Mount Bjelasnica, favourite by many skiers from around the world,

Mount Igman and Jahorina, Veliko Polje valley, Malo Polje valley which was host to Ski Jumping competitions. Have tasty local lunch (traditional pie, salad and yogurt ) in the natural ambient of the Sarajevo mountains. Discover Spring of river Bosna, huge, vivid green park surrounded by abundant vegetation, with the river Bosna flowing through it. See variety of flora and fauna, species such as swans and ducks, small waterfalls, thermal waters. See small arched wooden bridges in the style of ancient Bosnia, ruins of Austro­Hungarian structures and palaces.

DAY 3: Konjic and Jablanica city, Mostar city,Spring of river Buna, town Pocitelj, Kravice waterfall

Early morning ride to city of Mostar. Short stop at city of Konjic. See unique, prehistorically inhabited, famous for 17th century 6-arch Old Bridge, looming over turquoise Neretva river. Another short stop is at city of Jablanica. View breathtaking Jablaničko lake and regions of Prenj mountain. Visit the Mostar’s Old Bridge above stunning river Neretva, take a walk around Mostar streets and see old part of Mostar with medieval structures and traditional Ottoman monuments and buildings. Visit the village of Blagaj, located on the spring of the river Buna and see the beautiful historical Tekke, which is a national monument. Discover the medieval town of Pocitelj, the oldest town of Herzegovina. Continue to Kravice waterfall and enjoy magical experience of nature with vivid green landscape, sparkling water particles and fairy tale like mist above the valley. Sleepover in Sarajevo.

DAY 4: Prokosko lake tour

Visit city of Kiseljak, famous for its natural mineral water and visit the spring (you may want to bring an empty bottle) and small historically town Fojnica. See Franciscan Monestry and discover very old story about „most likely, oldest written document on human rights-ahdnama”. Start of the fun part – 16 km long trip to Prokosko lake, accompanied by small creeks crossing our way. See beautiful Prokosko lake located on mountain Vranica which is considered to be one of the most beautiful location of BiH.

Visit small village at the altitude of 1666 m.a.s.l. and have a local lunch. Sleepover in Sarajevo.

DAY 5: City of Travnik Tour, ride to mountain Vlasic

Early morning ride to mountain Vlasic. Visiting city of Travnik. Hear story how once (from 1699 to 1850) Travnik was the governor’s capital of Bosnian Ottoman empire. See Travniks’ oriental structure such as the colorful mosque of Sultan Sulejman. Visit the Old Town of Travnik and home of Nobel Prize Winner Ivo Andric, which now is a museum of the writer’s work. Have a traditional lunch in a restaurant which became famous by the book of Ivo Andric, The Travnik Chronicles. Discover the Travnik Fortress which stands on the top of a hill. Arrivall to mount Vlasic, accommodation and sleepover.

DAY 6 and DAY 7: Mountain Vlasic

Early morning breakfast. Take the opportunity to taste one of the trademarks of Vlasic Mountain, the Vlasicki Cheese. Have free time to enjoy the nature. Our tour guide will be with you when you want. Sleepover at Vlasic.

About mountain Vlasic:

With its 1943 meters high peak Paljenik, Mount Vlasic is equally far from the Adriatic Sea and the large inland cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. As many as 100 kilometres of forest roads, the river Ugar and its tributaries the Ilomska and Kobiljska rivers, and endless meadows are all an unavoidable challenge for many hikers during the summer months. Snow, however, which is present on this mountain five months a year, is a paradise for every skier.

The legend says that the nomadic Vlachs, descendants of the ancient Romans and the ancient Illyrian and Thracian people, brought one of the trademarks of Mount Vlasic – Vlasic cheese from one of their endless journeys. Vlasic cheese is one of the best sheep cheeses stored in brine. It is originally made from fresh sheep milk, but also cow milk, and then left to ripe for two to three months. By perfecting the cheese making recipes, the Vlachs passed on the tradition to the cattle breeders from the surrounding mountains. Today, Vlasic cheese is produced throughout the country thus becoming its original traditional product.

The touristic potential of Mount Vlasic was recognized by the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy, who in the 19th century regularly enjoyed in its beauties. In recent times, the most famous part of Mount Vlasic where numerous tourists find their peace is called Babanovac. In the 1970s, in this part of Mount Vlasic, a 90 meter ski-jumping venue, where the legendary ski jumping competition “Vlasic Cup” was held, was built.

DAY 8: Ride to city of Bihac, City of Jajce tour

Visit city of Jajce which is located in the valley and watched over by a fascinating roman Fortress which stands in the middle of the town. Discover the most famous site of Jajce – Pliva waterfall where we will have lunch and refreshment. Ride to Bihac, accommodation and sleepover.

DAY 9: City of Bihac tour, Martin brod tour, Strbacki buk waterfall tour, River doc restaurant

After breakfast we will have Bihac city tour. Cultural and historical heritage makes Bihać attractive to the fans of universal values. Captain’s Tower (Kapetanova kula,), St. Anthony of Padua church, once one of the largest Catholic places of worship, tomb (turbe), which dates from the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bihać, mosque Fethija and walls that still defy time, recalling the old days of pride and glory, are the most valuable cultural and historical monuments in the center of the town which you will see. Visit Martin Brod, the first major village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With numerous tufa canals, fast currents, islands and a few waterfalls, this location is one of the most beautiful and attractive parts of the river of Una and the national park of the same name.  Visit Strbacki buk waterfall and see five beautiful cascades and an eco-village which is great for swimming! Go to the River Doc restaurant and try home-cooked foodon the docks while sailing the river Una. Sleepover in Bihac.

DAY 10: Japodski otoci tour, Kostelski buk restaurant, Ostrozac castle tour

Japod Islands are 5 most beautiful islands on river Una and they are new turistic destination near National Park Una. Visit camp of almost 20,000 m2. Discover a special attraction is a wooden house, built for guests with a view of the river Una. Lunch at the Kostelski buk, the most beautiful restaurant on river Una. Try local traditional food. Enjoy in beautiful view of untouched nature. We will drive to the nearby Ostrožac old town castle, built on a mound 300 meters above the left bank of the Una River. It was first mentioned in 1286 and hosted many rulers, including the Ottomans when it served as the headquarters of the Ostrožac captaincy. Within the castle grounds there are hundreds of sculptures made by carvers from around the world, making this site look like an open-air museum. Ride back to Bihac and sleepover.

DAY 11: Ride to city of Sarajevo, Pliva lakes tour

Discover the collection of about 20 little huts that once served as watermills for local farmers and most famous site of Jajce – Pliva waterfall where we will have lunch and refreshment. Ride to Sarajevo, accommodation and sleeopver.

DAY 12: Sarajevo ZOO, Shopping in Sarajevo, Departure

Discover Sarajevo ZOO or Pionirska Dolina (Pioneer Valley) which is a favorite destination among youngsters. Aside from nature walks and being able to see several dozen species of animals, Pionirska Dolina offers numerous activities and entertainment for children (electric cars, trains, merry-go-rounds…), as well as playgrounds with slides, seesaws, spinning wheels…Sleepover in Sarajevo. Visit the major shopping centers of Sarajevo; Sarajevo City Center, BBI Shopping Center, Alta Shopping Center, Importanne Shopping Center and Grand Shopping Center. Buy world brands and some local brands which you can not find anywhere in the world. Almost all shopping centers has facilities for the kids, playgrounds and entertainment areas.

Drop you off to the airport.


  • Accommodation in all cities (3*/4*/5* depending on your needs)
  • Breakfast and tax included in hotels you choose
  • Professional drivers
  • Licensed tour guides
  • Luxury vehicles (cars, vans, sprinters or buses, depending of the size of the group)
  • Petrol, tool fees and parking
  • Pick up/drop off
  • Accommodation for the tour guide in every city
  • Fruits and water everyday
  • Food is not included (except breakfast in hotels), but make sure we shall always give you our recommendations and take you to finest places
  • For Muslim travellers we will organise halal food in every of locations visited in this itinerary. Also any mosque, masjid we visit or any other location imporant for Muslim people, prayers can be done as well
  • Entrance fees are not included

NOTE: Please note that in city of Bihac does not exist 5*hotel but we will provide 4* hotel which is equal to the one with 5*.


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