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Best Bosnia and Herzegovina Vacation Package will take you to see and discover this country’s best tours and destinations in 9 days.


Day 1: Arrival and starting your Bosnia and Herzegovina Vacation

Your Best Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation package begins with arrival to Sarajevo and accommodation in hotel. Regarding to the time of your arrival we will arrange following activities.

Day 2: Sarajevo Tour – Assassination of Franz Ferdinand –  Zmajevac Sarajevo Tour/ Sarajevo Religious Buildings Tour

Sarajevo Tour

Best Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation package will first introduce you Sarajevo! It is a city with a heart and also city of friendship. Seems like the citizens of Sarajevo always have time for friends, family, and hospitality. Take Sarajevo tour and meet the lively and turbulent history of the city. Learn about the cultural traditions, the history and society. Also, get a close-up look of the rich architecture that has filled the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina through centuries.

And more: famous old town Bascarsija, oldes streets like Kazandziluk, fountain Sebilj, Inat Kuca (the House of Spite), river of Miljacka, Vijecnica (the City Hall), Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart, old bridges of the city and many other historical monuments and structures.

Also we will drive to Franz Ferdinand’s Residence at Ilidza. Then we will follow his route in to the Old Town and from there along river to Latinski Most (Latin Bridge), the scene of the assassination. Finally, we will visit the Assassination Museum.

Zmajevac Sarajevo Tour

After discovering old city we will ride to Zmajevac. This is a hill located in the Old Town of Sarajevo, above the neighborhood Vratnik. Along with the view on Sarajevo, from Zmajevac you can also see the Sarajevo Olympic mountains: Trebević, Bjelašnica, and Igman. Also you can see the huge deep forest “Sedam Šuma” (Seven Forests). The Zmajevac Sarajevo Tour is the most beautiful during the night. The lights of the city combined with a clear starry sky provide a truly magical spectacle. But during the day you are able to see the amazing city panorama in more detail.

On the viewpoint Zmajevac, we will take a break in the Zmajevac cafe restaurant. You can drink coffee or have a meal if you are hungry. Here you can relax, enjoy the amazing view in comfort and take photographs of the Sarajevo Panorama.

Sarajevo Religious Buildings Tour

We will end this day wiht religious buildins of Sarajevo. Throughout its history, Bosnia & Herzegovina, situated on the ancient ‘border’ between East and West, has been a melting pot of numerous religions and religious orders. Around Bosnia are a number of significant religious sites.

Come with us and discover and see some of the most beautiful churches, mosques and synagogues in Sarajevo: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Ali Paša Mosque, Emperor’s Mosque, Ashkenazi Synagogue and Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Day 3: Mostar – Kravice Waterfall – Medjugorje Tour

Mostar Tour

On the third day of Best Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation package, we will go to the sunniest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The heart of Herzegovina, Mostar is located in the valley of Neretva, and it has an abundance of historical stories, events, and monuments to relish in. The history and natural wildlife of Mostar are indeed a fascination for all senses. On our tour around Mostar, you will see and hear the details and stories which make it so admirable.

You will see the old part of Mostar with cobblestone streets, medieval structures and traditional Ottoman monuments and buildings. The river Neretva divides the town of Mostar and provides a fascinating view of the architectural and cultural view of the town of Mostar. The two sides of the city of Mostar, the west and the east coast of the river, are joined by the Old Bridge of Mostar. Walking through the city of Mostar, you will explore the narrow streets which associate a labyrinth of ancient times in history.

And more: The Old Traditional Turkish Home, the colorful Old Bazar, The Hadži-Alija Mosque, the Gavran Kapetanović house, and the Sisma-Ibrahimpaša Madrasa.

Kravice Waterfall

On Best Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation package we should not miss Kravice Waterfall. Let us take you to heaven on Earth and make you a part of the wonders of nature! The Kravice Waterfall is a magical experience of nature. All that because vivid green landscape, sparkling water particles and fairytale like mist above the valley.

Kravice is indeed a fascinating experience. It is a sparkling waterfall which cascades into a beautiful emerald colored lake within a small valley from the river Trebižat. In the afternoon sunlight, the water particles clash with the hot air above the valley to create a mist which then provides a magical shade to the visitors of Kravice. During the tour, we will take you through the falls which are 25 meters high and across a wooden bridge. Additionally, at the bottom of the waterfall lays the pool-like emerald lake. This makes is very safe for bathing in even for non-swimmers.

Kravice is a perfect destination for families and children. Also, you can relax and enjoy the uncontaminated nature accompanied by nature’s pleasing sounds of birds and running water. There is lots of green space for picnic and relaxation. You will also see a small cave with calcium carbonate stalactites. Also, there is a sailing boat for kids to admire and an old mill.

Medjugorje Tour

On our way back to home we will visit the small city Medjugorje. It is believed that the Virgin Mary has been appearing to the Medjugorje visionaries since 1981. We will take you to the Apparition Hill which is specific for the spiritual peace which it provides. If you’re lucky you might even see one of the visionaries having an apparition or sharing a message from Mother of God. One of the visionaries has an apparition on the 25th of every month during the year. Medjugorje is a unique religious experience for all Catholics and the ideal destination to grow one’s faith and find inner peace with God.

Day 4: Travnik and Jajce Tour

Starting from Sarajevo, our first stop will be city of Travnik. Once, it was the capital town of governors’, also known as the Ottoman Vizier Town. Also, we will see the other mosques and churches in Travnik. We’ll pass on to the vizier tombs, known as the Ottoman Turbe and a picturesque cemetery. Then we’ll walk up the hill to see the Travnik Fortress, beyond the fortress you will see an uphill trail which leads up to the famous mount Vlašić.

Next stop will be Jajce. Known as the King’s town, just like Travnik, located in a valley and watched over by a fascinating roman Fortress. Differently to Travnik, the Jajce fortress stands in the middle of the town Jajce.  The rest of the town is built around the hill where the fortress is located.

After that, we will move on to the most famous site of Jajce, which is the river Pliva waterfall. The waterfall is located below the old town and this is the place where the river Pliva flows into the river Vrbas. In this location, we will have a break with lunch and refreshments. You will enjoy the relaxing sounds and scents of these natural surroundings.

Day 5: Sutjeska National Park

Starting in the morning we will depart Sarajevo for Sutjeska National Park, which is a two hour drive (110 kilometers (61 mi)). National park Sutjeska, the largest and earliest declared national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is certainly the most beautiful and most diverse one. It is characterized by exceptional beauty and a diversity of landscapes, ranging from mild valleys, dense forest complexes, mountain pastures to high mountain massifs found throughout the Park.

The park is also famous as being the location of the Battle of the Sutjeska. It lasted from 15 May to 16 June 1943 during World War II. The Partisan were victorious over the German occupying forces in a battle. In the battle, the Partisans were led by the Supreme Headquarters of Yugoslavia by Marshal Josip Broz Tito who foiled the enemy’s plans. The Partisans were successful in breaking out of the encirclement even though they lost one third of their men. Several large Partisan’s Memorial stone monuments commemorate this event at the northern edge of the park at Tjentište.

After enjoying some of Bosnia’s best peaks around you we will have a tasty traditional lunch and then we head back to civilization.

Day 6: Bobsled track Sarajevo – Sarajevo Olympic tour

Bobsled Track Sarajevo 

Day six of Best Bosnia and Herzegovina Vacation package is dedicated to Olympic time in Sarajevo. On this tour you will find out a number of interesting stories about the city of Sarajevo, the 1984  Winter Olympics and the siege of Sarajevo.

In 1984 this bobsled track was the center of the Olympics, visited by tens of thousands of spectators. Nine years later, it became the front line of the Bosnian war. Today the Trebević bobsled track is covered in graffiti and marked with harsh war scars. The track was used as cover by the Bosnian Serb Army and it is marked with sniper points which served snipers for killing innocent citizens of the city. This Olympic site of Mount Trebević nowadays lays within the wilderness of the overgrowing forest and makes for a remarkable scene of past fame and turbulence, and of nature’s power to take over the history.

Sarajevo Olympic tour

The Olympic mountains of Sarajevo; Bjelašnica, Trebević, Igman, and Jahorina gained worldwide popularity after the 1984 Olympics as some of the best skiing spots in the world. The infrastructure of the city and the mountains for the Olympics was so well structured that it was later proclaimed as the best organized Winter Olympic Games in history, by the International Olympic Committee.

Bjelašnica was home to most alpine ski competitions during the 1984 Olympics. It is a unique skiing phenomenon among all European Ski Centers. Covered in spacious skiing slopes for more than 6 months during a year, Bjelašnica is favored by many skiers from around the world. On this tour you will also see the serene mount Igman, distanced only several minutes from the sharp mount Bjelašnica. On Igman, you will see the Veliko Polje Valley which hosted Nordic Events during the Olympics. After this you will see Malo Polje Valley which was host to Ski Jumping competitions during that time.

At the end of the Sarajevo Olympic Adventure Tour, we will provide a tasty local lunch with traditional pie, salad, and yogurt all in the ambient of natural ambient of the Sarajevo mountains.

Day 7: Josip Broz Tito’s Bunker – Wine Wanderlust

Josip Broz Tito’s Bunker Tour

Ride through interesting suburbs of Sarajevo will take us first to town Konjic where we will go through the old town and see the Old Bridge which represents one of the most precious heritages from Ottoman period.

Our next stop is 6500 square meter bunker, officially know as ARK (Atomska Ratna Komanda, Atomic War Command) which was one of the most expensive structures in the former Yugoslavia and well kept secret for decades. The whole complex is built in a horseshoe shape, resembling a maze with offices, conference rooms, dorms and of course, Tito’s private rooms. It was all supported by two kitchens and a supply of oil, food. and water that could sustain the bunker for up to six months. In the event of a nuclear strike, the bunker could accommodate Tito (Yugoslav revolutionary and “benevolent dictator” Josip Tito) and 350 of the most important political and military persons in the country.

ARK D-0 exists today only because of the Bosnian military guard, who refused to carry out an order from Serbian high command in Belgrade, who wanted to blow up the bunker up in 1992. Thanks to this forward thinking bit of preservation, the bunker is still in much the same condition as it was during the Yugoslav era with all of its furniture and equipment intact.

Wine Wanderlust

We will continue this Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation with a trip of comfort, style, and indulgence where you will taste and enjoy some of the finest Herzegovina wines. You will see the beautiful landscapes and vineyards where Herzegovina wine is made and which is known for its wild yet beautiful nature.

The Herzegovinian countryside has much to offer in flora and fauna. You will see Mostar and also Trebinje, charming towns of Herzegovina filled with historical monuments and nature attractions. During the summer, Herzegovinian climate provides intense sunlight and hot summer days, these give the ideal conditions for wine grape growth. Whereas winters are harsh and wet with northern bora wind during most of the winter days. You will taste many wines during the Herzegovina wine route. Žilavka is a fruit-filled white wine with a dry taste.

You will visit some of the most popular wineries of Herzegovina: Škergo, Nuič and Andrija Winery.


Day 8 : Visegrad Tour

On our last day of Best Bosnia and Herzegovina Vacation Package we will visit Andricgrad. This is a theme park dedicated to Ivo Andric. He was the famous writer who received a Noble prize. It is situated on the banks of the Drina and Rzav rivers. Višegrad city is one of the oldest inhabited places in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina. Back then it was called a ‘town’. This town was a fortress that controlled the caravan route between Dubrovnik and Serbia and the way to Constantinople.

Višegrad is famous for Mehmed-paša Sokolivića bridge across the Drina Rive. Today this bridge is rightfully on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It used to link Bosnia with Constantinople; today it is a place visited by numerous tourists, travelers, artists and devotees of history and architecture. It is also one of the most significant national monuments in Višegrad, Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the main objects of Andrićgrad is the Dobrun Moneastery and Old Town from medieval times.

Day 9: Departure from Sarajevo and end of Best Bosnia and Herzegovina Vacation Package

This is the day when we are going to say goodbye. You will have some free time in Sarajevo before we take you to the airport and finish up there.

All in all, we hope that this experience will be life-changing. Thank you for being our guests.


Best Bosnia and Herzegovina Vacation Package (9 days) Price: on request

Duration of Best Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation package: 9 days / 8 nights

Accommodation: 4* hotel

Schedule for Best Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation package: This package does not have definite departures, so you are free to request this package any time of the year.

Best Bosnia and Herzegovina Vacation Package includes:

  • Professional driver and tour tour guide on all tours,
  • Brand new high quality van or bus,
  • Personal pick up and drop off (Airport-Hotel-Airport),
  • Tickets and entrance fees,
  • Lunch on all tours,
  • Petrol and parking,
  • All taxes.

All other info and reservations: or Tel: +387 62 143 144

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