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Relive the 14th winter Olympic Games and feel the magic of beautiful BiH Mountains.

Duration: whole day (from 9 AM until 4 PM)
Price: To be determined via email/phone deal
Tour type: Nature & Panorama, Sport & Adventure

The mountains of unique beauty around Sarajevo – Bjelasnica, Trebevic, Igman and Jahorina – gained world popularity after hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 1984 and all of them are haven for skiing, both amateurs and professionals. The tour starts from Sarajevo city center and the best thing is that we are on the mountain in about 40 min driving.

Unlike other tours, this one is very flexible and you can choose your one-day tour to one of these beautiful mountains or you can combine them and we will design you a perfect ski package accordant with your wishes (including accommodation, ski pass, ski instructor if neeed):

1. Jahorina – An eternal synonym for a skiing challenge, the mountain Jahorina can be proud of the fact that people have skied here since the Austro-Hungarian period of rule. Jahorina is one of the largest and most beautiful winter tourist centers in the Balkans, with large snow covered pastures that represent a real challenge for skiers. It is also a popular destination for people who ride sleighs, snowboarders, climbers, hikers and those who collect medicinal plants. You will find 20 kilometers of well-prepared ski slopes with 2 six-seaters, 4 ski lifts and 3 two-seaters during the winter season.

2. Bjelasnica- Bjelašnica Mountain is a genuine heaven for lovers of nature, skiing, hunting and alpinism. During the Winter Olympic Games of 1984 trails for slalom skiing, giant slalom, biathlon and ski jumps were built here, thus creating the conditions for winter sports and recreation. A special experience for winter sports enthusiasts are the snowdrifts that can be several meters high and result from the snow cover that remains here from November to May. About 20 kilometers of ski slopes for all profiles, from beginners to professional and Olympic, are here on the mountain. Night skiing represents a special atmosphere on the mountain during the winter season and in the summer Bjelašnica is a destination for the excursionists who like to come here for the weekend and other nature lovers.

3. Vlasic – There are four ski lifts for the lovers of skiing: Babanovac 1 and 2, Markovac, and a Baby ski lift, while the total length of the ski slopes that are in use is 10.5 kilometers. The ski lifts at Babanovac 1 and 2 have the biggest capacity at about 2,100 skiers per hour, while the capacity of the ski lift at Markovac is about 650 skiers per hour. The ski slopes on Vlašić are suitable for recreation, while the slope at Markovac suits more advanced skiers. There are also 2 baby lifts and 200 meters of arranged ski slopes for beginners. Trails for snowboarders and sledgers are located at Babanovac and this type of ski equipment can be rented in several places. A special treat on Vlašić is night skiing, the conditions for which are created on the slopes covered by the ski lifts Babanovac 1 and 2 as well as the Baby ski lift. Lit trails and pleasant nights create the conditions for an extraordinary enjoyment in the snow. Beginner skiing will master their first steps easier and faster with the help of trained instructors at the ski schools on Vlašić.

4. Igman – Igman is one of the lowest mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina and yet remains a very popular destination for skiers and hikers. Igman was host to Nordic skiing athletes during the 14th Winter Olympic Games. The mountain consists of Veliko and Malo polje (Big and small field) with about 30 kilometers of groomed trails for cross-country and biathlon. There are two ski jumps, several trails for cross-country and four baby lifts for beginners at Malo polje. Igman mountain is known for the lowest temperature ever recorded in the country (-43.5 degrees Celsius) and this is why most visitors to this country often hear the story of the Igman march, which has become legend.

Do not miss this chance to feel the real thrill and see these BiH beauties. Come with us and we will make possible for you to have a excellent and unforgettable winter experience and we are sure that you’ll come back.



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