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Bijambare caves – explore the wild Bosnia and relax your spirit in the heart of the untouched nature. Travel back in time and relive the ancient times of Bosnia at the Ethno Beys Village.


Those canves are located on the Nisici plane, some 35 km away from Sarajevo. First of all, they are known for the enchanting dense forest and off course the caves. Furthermore, they are composed of several smaller caves, 3 of which are open to visitors.

Central Bijambare Cave

The first cave we will explore is the Central Bijambare cave, also known as the most popular cave in the Bijambare park. This cave is more than 400 meters long. It has passageways which lead to four different chambers. These chambers are naturally decorated with stalactites which hang from the roof of the cave resembling large curtains. The floor of the cave is covered in stalagmites.

Chamber of Music

The largest chamber, which is the fourth chamber, is known as the Chamber of Music, due to its acoustic traits. The caves are home of various species such as bats and crickets. Also, within these caves many fossils have been discovered, even going back to the Ice Age. These fossils include animal skeletons together with paleolithic cave men remains.

The Lower Bijambare Cave

The Lower Bijambare Cave is located 100 meters away from the Central Bijambare Cave. We will explore this cave too and walk further down the forest to the Ethno Beys Village. As a matter of fact, this is an authentic Bosnian village. As a result, there you can see many different artifacts and exhibits common to the Bosnian traditions. The Ethno Beys Village is built with original ancient techniques and materials which are 200 years old. We will also take some photos and have a traditional local meal at the restaurant. In conclusion, you will have the chance to travel back in time and relive the ancient life of Bosnia.


Bijambare Caves Tour Price:                   43,00 € per person

*PLEASE NOTE that the prices are based on 3 person groups. For more information please contact us at or phone number +387 62 143 144.


Tour Includes:

  • Licensed tour guide
  • Coffee in the nature
  • Transfer in a brand new 2018 AC van
  • Parking
  • Petrol
  • All taxes
  • Meeting point: Personal pick-ups, drop offs
  • Discount for larger groups





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