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MEDJUGORJE TOUR – The Pilgrim’s Destination

The Medjugorje Tour is ideal for Catholic pilgrims and those wanting to connect with their faith. It is visited by millions of people from all around the world during the year.


Tour departs from Sarajevo, driving through a variety of beautiful locations of Herzegovina. We will pass through the tunnel of Bradina near the Jablanicko lake. This lake was formed artificially many years ago from the river Neretva. It starts below the town of Konjic and covers a wide valley.

Millions of Catholic pilgrims visit Medjugorje during the whole year. It is believed that the Virgin Mary has been appearing to the Medjugorje visionaries since 1981. We will take you to the Apparition Hill which is specific for the spiritual peace which it provides. If you’re lucky you might even see one of the visionaries having an apparition or sharing a message from Mother of God. One of the visionaries has an apparition on the 25th of every month during the year. Medjugorje is a unique religious experience for all Catholics and the ideal destination to grow one’s faith and find inner peace with God.

Returning from Medjugorje we will also visit Mostar. There you will see the most famous locations of this beautiful city on the river of Neretva. You’ll visit the Old Bridge known for famous Cliff Diving events. You will hear the history and story of the rise and fall of the Old Bridge, and if you’re lucky you might even see a diver jumping into the cold river of Neretva 20 meters below.

On the Medjugorje Tour you will also see the Blue Cross of Mostar, the St James Church, the Međugorje Parish, and the towns of Konjic and Počitelj.


Medjugorje Tour Price:                        69,00 € per person

*PLEASE NOTE that the prices are based on 3 person groups. For more information please contact us at or phone number +387 62 143 144.


Medjugorje Tour Inludes:

  • Licensed tour guide
  • Transfer in a brand new 2018 AC van
  • Parking
  • Petrol
  • All taxes
  • Meeting point: Personal pick-ups, drop offs,
  • Discount for larger groups





Duration of the tour: all day

  • Days Place Duration: