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MOSTAR,the Heart of Herzegovina

Mostar Tour includes visits to Mostar, Počitelj, Blagaj and Konjic. All of which represent the the wild and captivating nature of Herzegovina.


This is the sunniest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also the heart of Herzegovina, Mostar is located in the valley of Neretva, and it has an abundance of historical stories, events, and monuments to relish in. The history and natural wildlife are indeed a fascination for all senses. Furthermore, this city has a Mediterranean climate with days of extreme heat and refreshing scented Mediterranean air. The winters are cold and wet with strong wind coming from the north.

The Old Bridge was completely destroyed during the homeland war, but it was rebuilt and returned to its former glory and it has since become a symbol of unity of the both sides of the river. The Old Bridge is considered as the heart of the city of Mostar. Walking through the city of Mostar, you will explore the narrow streets which associate a labyrinth of ancient times in history. The Mostar Old Town area takes you back in time and makes for a fascinating experience of historical rejuvenation. The architecture of these structures has been maintained and restored to its original state providing a proper feeling of time travel.

Town of Blagaj

After touring the city of Mostar, we will also take you to see the Herzegovinian vineyards, then to the village of Blagaj which is located on the spring of the river Buna. There you will see the beautiful historical Tekka. The Blagaj Tekke is a national monument, once a monastery built by the Dervish society during the Ottoman empire in 1520. The architecture makes for a rich combination of the Ottoman and Mediterranean styles, a true architectural wonder for the eyes and spiritual peace.

Town of Počitelj

After visiting the Blagaj Tekke, we will move on to the medieval town of Počitelj. This is the oldest town of Herzegovina, built within a hill and old cobblestone walls. Počitelj is a UNESCO World Heritage site because it has maintained the original form and architecture. Along with the fascinating oriental architecture, Počitelj is also host to the longest operating art colony in Southeast Europe. A wonder for the eyes is Počitelj’s oldest monument, the Sahat Kula, which is a fort in the shape of a silo and reaches the highest spot in the town. Mostar and Počtelj 30km away from each other, yet they are so different in architecture and style.

Additional sites which you will visit on the Mostar Tour: 
The Old Traditional Turkish Home, the colorful Old Bazar, The Hadži-Alija Mosque, the Gavran Kapetanović house, and the Sisma-Ibrahimpaša Madrasa.


Mostar Tour Price:                    59,00 € per person

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Mostar Tour Inludes:

  • Licensed tour guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunch in one of the most famous Herzegovina restaurants
  • Transfer in a brand new 2018 AC van
  • Parking
  • Petrol
  • All taxes
  • Meeting point: Personal pick-ups, drop offs,
  • Discount for larger groups





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