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Sarajevo Religious Buildings Tour will introduce you to the number of significant religious sites. Unfortunately, many of them were destroyed in the country’s civil war. Throughout its history, Bosnia & Herzegovina, situated on the ancient ‘border’ between East and West, has been a melting pot of numerous religions and religious orders. Come with us and discover and see some of the most beautiful churches, mosques and synagogues in Sarajevo.


Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sarajevo

The first stop on Sarajevo Religious buildings tour is one of Sarajevo’s most recognisable landmarks – main cathedral, which is also the largest cathedral in the country. The construction of the cathedral was completed in 1889. After that,  it was built in the neo-gothic style common to eastern Europe. The interior features delicate patterned arches and wood carvings, as well as typical Catholic paintings of saints and other important Catholic figures. The rood screen in particular features a numbers of paintings, surrounded by wood painted gold. The cathedral is located in the old town area of the city.

Ali Paša Mosque, Sarajevo

Constructed in the 1560+s for an important local governor, this mosque is one of the oldest in Sarajevo, built by the Ottomans. Style of the mosque is  typical for Turkish mosques at the time. It is relatively small, but also features a pretty graveyard garden. During the civil war, it sustained significant damage, especially to the dome. Since then, it has been restored and declared a protected national monument due to its importance as a symbol of Bosnia’s Ottoman heritage.

Emperor’s Mosque, Sarajevo

This is the first mosque built after the Ottoman invasion in the mid-1400s. Constructed in 1457 and it is the oldest mosque in the city, still in regular use today. Originally dedicated by its architect to the Ottoman conqueror of Constantinople, it is the largest single-dome mosque in the country. It features a small central courtyard surrounded by traditional covered walkways, while the interior is fairly large. Inside there are usual features of mosques, such as intricate rugs, walls decorations and domed ceilings. It is open to look around, but, since it is still in use, tourists cannot enter during services and must wear appropriate clothing.

Ashkenazi Synagogue, Sarajevo

Sarajevo’s main synagogue is Ashkenazi Synagogue, constructed in 1902. An older synagogue is located next door, which now houses the Jewish Museum, while the Ashkenazi Synagogue still functions today as a place of worship. Sarajevo has historically been a place that welcomes the Jewish community, although after the Second World War and the more recent civil war there is not a large Jewish community still living in the city.  The synagogue and adjoining museum are good places to learn more about Sarajevo’s historic Jewish community.

Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Sarajevo

One of Sarajevo’s oldest churches, still in its near-original condition, is this Orthodox church dating from the early 16th century. It is less extravagant than many Orthodox churches, which gives it a unique charm. This church has usual Orthodox church tower, but apart from that it is almost unrecognisable as an Orthodox church; it has grey stone walls, a tiled roof, and a humble entrance. Inside, the decor is slightly more luxurious but is still clearly much more historic than many other Orthodox churches in the country. The ceiling is very simple with minimal gold detailing. The church is open to visitors, and is conveniently located in the old town quarter.


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