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Zmajevac Sarajevo is viewpoint in Sarajevo city, where the sky and the city unite to become one. The romantic lights of the city and the millions of bright stars from a clear starry night sky resemble a magical effect, almost like a fairy tale.


On this tour, to the Zmajevac viewpoint hill, we will pass through the narrow and steep roads of the Old Town of Sarajevo. You will see the first Sarajevo authentic neighborhood “Vratnik”. Also, you will notice the traditional old-­time neighborhoods, known as the “Mahalas” to the locals of Sarajevo and Bosnia.


Zmajevac is a hill located in the Old Town of Sarajevo, above the neighborhood Vratnik. As soon as you arrive to Zmajevac you are welcomed by one of the most amazing views of the Sarajevo landscape. Along with the view on Sarajevo, from Zmajevac you can also see the Sarajevo Olympic mountains: Trebević, Bjelašnica, and Igman. Also you can see the huge deep forest “Sedam Šuma” (Seven Forests). The Zmajevac Sarajevo Tour is the most beautiful during the night. The lights of the city combined with a clear starry sky provide a truly magical spectacle. But during the day you are able to see the amazing city panorama in more detail.

Finally, on the viewpoint Zmajevac, we will take a break in the Zmajevac cafe restaurant. Also, you can drink coffee or have a meal if you are hungry. Here you can relax, enjoy the amazing view in comfort and take photographs of the Sarajevo Panorama.


Zmajevac Sarajevo Panorama Tour Price:        25,00 € Per Person

*PLEASE NOTE that the prices are based on 3 person groups. For more information please contact us at or phone number +387 62 143 144.


Zmajevac Sarajevo Panorama Tour Inludes:

  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Coffe in restourant on Zmajevac
  • Transfer In A Brand New 2018 AC Van
  • Parking
  • Petrol
  • All Taxes
  • Meeting Point: Personal Pick-Ups, Drop Offs




Duration : 3 Hours

  • Days Place Duration: