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Sarajevo is known as the city with a heart. It is a city of friendship. The citizens of Sarajevo always have time for friends, family, and hospitality. Take Sarajevo tour and meet the lively and turbulent history of the city. Learn about the cultural traditions, the history, and society, and get a close-up look of the rich architecture that has filled the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina through centuries.


Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia. Through all the turbulent times the city has seen and the scars of the recent war, Sarajevo rose from the ashes as beautiful and as alive as it has always been. Especially relevant is that Sarajevo is a multicultural city. It is famous as “European Jerusalem”. Therefore on Sarajevo tour you will visit the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues. All of which stand close to each other. Different cultures have left their marks on this city which of course you will see on this tour.


Firs of all we will go to the heart of Sarajevo, known as the old town and called Baščaršija (Bashcharshiya). Each narrow street in Baščaršija is covered with cobblestone and dedicated to a different old craft. The Bosnian traditional crafts are work with jewelry, pottery shops, and copper metalwork. The oldest street of the crafts is the Kazandžiluk street (Coppersmith street). There you can see and buy the traditional souvenirs made of copper. Hence the coppersmiths can be seen crafting their work in a traditional manner which has been passed on through generations.

If you get thirsty you can always drink some water on one of the fountains of the old town. The most remarkable being the Sebilj. It is believed that if you drink the water of Sebilj you will have a connection with the city of Sarajevo for the rest of your life, and for sure you will come back.

The next stop on the Sarajevo Tour is the “Inat Kuća” (The House of Spite). Nowadays this is a restaurant where some of the tastiest traditional meals are prepared. The Inat Kuća is located across the river of Miljacka, right opposite the “Vijećnica” (The City Hall). The reason why it is known by that name you will find out on the tour 🙂

The walk will continue through to the Sarajevo Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart, the old bridges of the city and many other historical monuments and structures.


 Sarajevo Tour Price:          12,00 € per person

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 Sarajevo Tour Includes:

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