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Although Sarajevo rose from the ashes from the most recent war from 1992 to 1996, on the Sarajevo War tour you will see that the city still bears its scars which can be seen on bullet-marked buildings, suburban houses torn by bomb explosions and fires, and haunting ruins of country homes.


On many walls and monuments, you can see placards with names of the victims killed in those spots. If you look down on the pavement of the streets you can see red colored concrete “Sarajevo Roses” which mark the blood of a victim killed in that exact place.


This tour includes a visit to the Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope. This tunnel connected the city with the free Bosnian territory. It was the only way the citizens were able to get supplies such as food, medical help, and ammunition. It was the only hope of help and freedom for the citizens of the city, thus the name “The Tunnel of Hope”.


The next stop is the Jewish Cemetery aka the “Sniper Alley”. It is located on the outskirts of Sarajevo, on Mount Trebevic. It is the oldest intact cemetery of a religious group in the city. During the war, it became known as the deadliest location from which innocent people were killed by snipers on a daily basis. Looking down you can see the whole city and note some of the well-known locations on which some of the first victims were killed at the beginning of the were. One of these is the bridge of Suada and Olga, also known as the Romeo and Juliet bridge. These were the first innocent people killed in the war. From the mountain Trebevic, you can see the advantage which the Serbian aggressors were in while attacking the city of Sarajevo. Because Sarajevo is located in a valley and surrounded by mountains, it made it very vulnerable to its attackers. Yet Sarajevo fought back and regained its freedom.

Other things you will see and learn on this tour are the 1984 Winter Olympics locations, the Markale Massacre, the Memorial for children killed during the siege, and the Latin Bridge aka the site of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination.


Sarajevo War Tour Price:              25,00 € per person

*PLEASE NOTE that the prices are based on 3 person groups. For more information please contact us at or phone number +387 62 143 144.


Sarajevo War Tour Includes:

Licensed tour guide

  • Entrance fees to museums
  • Transfer in a brand new 2018 AC van
  • Parking
  • Petrol
  • All taxes
  • Meeting point: Personal pick-ups, drop offs





Duration of the tour:  3-3,5 h

  • Days Place Duration: