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See and Hear all about the Valley of Death

The Srebrenica massacre, also known as the Srebrenica genocide was the July 1995 genocide of more than 8,000 Muslim Bosniaks. Mainly were killed men and boys. Srebrenica  is a town which suffered the most during the homeland war in Bosnia. Today, this town is the host of a memorial in the names of 8000 innocent war victims killed during the aggressor siege.


Srebrenica is known for the unfortunate events which went on during the Bosnia war. Within 3 days, the biggest genocide massacre since World War II, took place in Srebrenica making it go down in history.

On the Srebrenica – Valley of Death Tour, you will visit the Srebrenica Potočari Memorial Complex. This memorial was established in 2001, and it was officially opened to the public by former US president Mr. Bill Clinton. During your tour around the Potocari memorial, our guide will tell you all about the history of Srebrenica and the events that happened during the harsh war times. Srebrenica has become a UN protected zone due to these events and to the unresolved genocide status of the town.

Srebrenica Today

Although the every-day life of Srebrenica has regained its natural flow and returned to normal, many of the women and children who survived the massacres and lost their loved ones are still not able to find peace due to the fact that they still haven’t found the remains of their loved ones. A number of mass graves have been excavated, but a number still remains lost.

Beside the tragic past of Srebrenica and Potocari, this location has in the past also been very popular for the beautiful natural landscapes, typical for Bosnia. A plethora of wildlife and greenery, dense forests with pine trees, the thermal springs and cozy villages with country homes, are all a must see on your tour to Srebrenica.

On your tour to Srebrenica you will also see and learn about the “July 11th Musala”, the Turbeh, the Wall of Memories, and the Museum of Genocide.


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