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Tunnel of Hope was the only way in and out of the city of Sarajevo.  800 meters of tunnel, 800 meters of hope…


The city of Sarajevo was under the siege for 4 years, from 1992 to 1996. This is the longest siege of a city in modern warfare. The aggressors were the Army of Republika Srpska. The Tunnel of Hope was built in 1993. It was a secret project of the Bosnian Army. The project code name was “Objekt BD”. The goal was to connect two of the nearby neighbourhoods. Dobrinja, occupied by the aggressors and Butmir under the command of the United nations.

What Will You See on The Tunnel of Hope Tour?

The Tunnel was the only way in and out of the city of Sarajevo. Built under the Sarajevo Airport Runway, it was the only means of supplies for the citizens of the city. The entrances to the tunnel are below buildings. On the Dobrinja side, under an apartment building, and on the Butmir side underneath a private family home. The private home is now the Tunnel of Hope Museum which displays a number of articles from the war, photographs, and video recordings of war scenery.

Bosnian Army and volunteering citizens constructed tunnel manually. Beginning the project was difficult as there was a lack of skilled manpower, tools, and materials to complete the task. Consequently, the tunnel was dug by hand, with shovels and picks, and wheelbarrows were used to carry 1,200 cubic meters of detritus away. The tunnel was dug 24-hours a day, with workers working in 8-hour shifts digging from opposite ends.

The museum is becoming one of the most visited sites of the Bosnian capital, with hundreds of daily visitors. Take this tour and conjure up the experience of the city’s population during the turbulent war times.


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