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Two Bosnian gems Tour – Viziers town and a King’s town.

Travnik and Jajce, the two Bosnian gems which represent the fascinating heritage and history of the town. 

Travnik City

First we will visit Travnik city which was once the capital town of governors.  Also is known as the Ottoman Vizier Town. We will see the colorful mosque of Sultan Sulejman which is specific for the amount of color interlaced into its decoration. Furthermore we will discover the other mosques and churches in Travnik. Also, we’ll pass on to the vizier tombs, known as the Ottoman Turbe and a picturesque cemetery. Then take a walk up the hill to see the Travnik Fortress. Beyond the fortress you will see an uphill trail which leads up to the famous mount Vlašić.

Jajce City

Next stop will be Jajce. Known as the King’s town, located in a valley and watched over by a fascinating roman Fortress. Opposite to Travnik, the Jajce fortress stands in the middle of the town. Therefore, the rest of the town is built around the hill where the fortress is located. Jajce is a citybuilt in the 14th century, during those times it was the capital of the Independent Kingdom of Bosnia. It was protected by a large city gate which we will also visit. We will then see the monastery of St Luke and the Church of St Mary.

The Jajce Waterfall

After that, we will move on to the most famous site of Jajce, which is the river Pliva waterfall. The waterfall is located below the old town and this is the place where the river Pliva flows into the river Vrbas. Finally, in this location, we will have a break with lunch and refreshments. You will also enjoy the relaxing sounds and scents of these natural surroundings.


Travnik and Jajce Tour Price:                         69,00 € per person

*PLEASE NOTE that the prices are based on 3 person groups. For more information please contact us at or phone number +387 62 143 144.


Tour Includes:

  • Licensed tour guide
  • Lunch and coffee in most popular Travnik’s restaurant
  • Transfer in a brand new 2018 AC van
  • Parking
  • Petrol
  • All taxes
  • Meeting point: Personal pick-ups, drop offs,
  • Discount for larger groups





Duration of the tour: All day

  • Days Place Duration: